RFN Academy’s team of contributors and instructors have decades of experience and expertise they make available to the Academy community. You are invited to join us for our monthly sessions to explore concepts and practices you can implement immediately.

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Introductions to Decision Dynamics

November Session

Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Time: 11:00 – 11:30 AM CT

This month we hear from Joe Slatter, instructor of Introduction to Decision Dynamics – powered by Better Practice™. Joe will offer insight into his methodology that teaches teams to figure out what matters together, make better decisions faster and act together with grace and accountability. Joe calls this metacollaboration. Joe has worked with thousands of business owners and individuals to help their organizations improve self-leadership and work more effectively together.

This session will:
- Highlight the importance of cross-functional collaboration
- Explore ways to improve communication
- Understand ways to expedite team focus
- Determine next steps to better collaborate

Joe is the founder and owner of Better Practice™ a methodology created to help individuals, organizations and communities accelerate toward “better” regardless of how they define it. Joe developed the Introduction to Decision Dynamics – powered by Better Practice™ to scale the methodology to a wider audience who can learn at their own pace. Joe is committed to the application of design thinking – an innovative, abstract and often hands on approach to how we work together.

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Jumpstart your Exit Planning Practice

RFN Innovative Insights
October Session

This month we heard from Julie Keyes, instructor of Jumpstart Your Exit Planning Practice – powered by KeyeStrategies. Julie shared her experiences in building her practice and working with clients on exit and transition planning.

This session will:
- Help you focus your value acceleration and transition planning practice
- Identify challenges
- Uncover areas for collaboration
- Determine next steps for building out your practice

Julie Keyes, CEPA, RFN Academy instructor

Julie is the founder and owner of KeyeStrategies and specializes in exit and transition planning for business owners. Julie is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor and Value Growth Advisor. Julie developed the Jumpstart program to help fellow advisors focus their intentions and efforts to promote themselves and their knowledge as value acceleration and transition planning professionals. Julie is an author of “Poised for Exit” and hosts a podcast of the same name.
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