Build exit and transition planning into your practice

Jumpstart – powered by KeyeStrategies™ is the perfect next step for value acceleration and transition planning. Whether you are a recent graduate of an exit planning program, transitioning into offering value acceleration and transition planning or are looking to better structure your exit planning practice, Jumpstart is for you.

Jumpstart is online self-paced course where Julie walks you through the steps in establishing a successful exit planning practice.


Jumpstart will help you ensure your value acceleration and transition planning practice gains traction and grows.  You will leave the program with a path to building your exit planning practice.


Course deliverables:

  • Tips to get your practice off the ground
  • Learn how to build a collaborative team
  • Tips to stay focused and set realistic goals
  • Exercises to help you get the most of the program
  • Marketing and business development tips to help spread the word
  • Defining your process to master practice execution
  • 5 CEPA credits

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What you will work towards

  • Getting Your Practice off the Ground

  • Building a Collaborative Team

  • Spreading the Word

  • Staying Focused

  • Mastering Practice Execution

Program Outline

    1. Welcome to Jumpstart

    2. Working through the course

    3. My Learning Objectives

    4. Tools and Resources

    1. Getting Your Practice Off the Ground

    2. Building your Practice

    3. SWOT Analysis Lesson

    4. SWOT Analysis

    5. SWOT Analysis Exercise

    6. Purpose and Goals Lesson

    7. Purpose and Goals

    8. Three and One Year Vision and Goals Exercise

    9. Initiatives and Priorities Lesson

    10. Initiatives and Priorities

    11. 90 day Rocks Exercise

    12. Tools and Resources

    13. Module 1 - Quiz

    1. Building Your Collaborative Team Lesson

    2. Building Your Collaborative Team

    3. Choosing Right Fit Advisors for Your Team Exercise

    4. Ideal Team Member Lesson

    5. Ideal Team

    6. Describe The Ideal Team Exercise

    7. Your Network

    8. Your Network Exercise

    9. Filling out Your Team Exercise

    10. Handling Resistance Exercise

    11. Internal Team Lesson

    12. Internal Teams

    13. Internal Teams Exercise

    14. Tools and Resources

    15. Module 2 - Quiz

    1. Sticking With Your Plan Lesson

    2. Sticking With Your plan

    3. Obstacles Lesson

    4. Identify Obstacles to Your Success Exercise

    5. Staying Motivated Lesson

    6. Staying Motivated

    7. Tools and Resources

    8. Module 3 - Quiz

    1. How to Build Your Practice Lesson

    2. How to Build Your Practice?

    3. Becoming known - Business Development Strategies

    4. Business Development Strategies and Tactics

    5. Becoming Known

    6. What it means to be a Thought Leader

    7. What It Means to be a Thought Leader

    8. Interviewing A Thought Leader Exercise

    9. You Are a Thought Leader Exercise

    10. Putting a Marketing Plan Together

    11. Putting a marketing plan together

    12. Analyze Your Memberships Exercise

    13. Take a Deeper Dive Exercise

    14. Social Media Plan and Process Exercise

    15. Tools and Resources

    16. Module 4 - Quiz

    1. Mastering Practice Execution

    2. Systems and Processes

    3. Systems and Processes Exercise

    4. External Teams

    5. Execution is Everything

    6. Home Work and Final Thoughts

    7. Tools and Resources

    8. Module 5 - Quiz

About this course

  • $499.00
  • 64 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Jumpstart Your Practice

This course will give you the framework to build an action plan and generate new ideas for expanding your practice to include value acceleration and transition planning.

What people are saying

Kick-start your practice

M.E. Key Private Bank

“We implemented ideas discussed during the course within the first week and are already seeing the benefits. I would recommend the course to anyone who is looking to kick start their exit planning practice.”

One of the best

Workshop participant

“This was one of the best training programs I’ve attended. Julie shared great insight on how to go about building a practice including some “proven” tips based upon her personal experience. I highly recommend this class to anyone starting a practice. I can’t thank you enough!”

Likeable and trustable


“Julie is likeable and trustworthy. She made great material more compelling.”

What's included

  • Video lessons

    Practical tools and actionable plans.

  • Exercises, Tools and Resources

    Planning tools and materials to support building your practice.

  • Best practices

    Julie shares proven tips and best practices based on experience.


RFN Instructor Julie Keyes

Julie Keyes is the founder and owner of KeyeStrategies, LLC in Minneapolis, MN specializing in exit and transition consulting for business owners of lower middle market companies. Julie has been an entrepreneur most of her life. As the founder and operator of several companies, she understands owner motivations and the balancing act they require to work both ‘in’ and ‘on’ the business.

Julie is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor and Value Growth Advisor. She works with business owners who seek to understand and maximize their exit and critical transition options. She founded the Exit Planning Institute Twin Cities Metro Area Chapter in 2016, serving as president until 2020, and is a faculty member for their CEPA program. In addition, Julie was awarded EPI’s 2017 “Leader of Year”.

Julie recently released her first book “Poised for Exit” which helps owners of privately held companies navigate the process of business exit. Her weekly podcast, of the same name, provides content relevant to business owners and advisors alike.
Julie built Jumpstart – powered by KeyeStrategies to help fellow advisors focus their intentions and efforts to promote themselves and their knowledge as value acceleration and transition planning professionals.