Owner clients need your help identifying where risks and opportunities lie, what their options are and are not and seeing how their business looks to an objective, outside party.

This program is designed to help you, help your clients think holistically about their life after business goals and see how they are impacted by the successful sale of their business.

Take a deep-dive into transition-readiness.

This course is for professional advisors who...

  • Work with business owners

  • Lead or work on an owner's team of business succession planning professionals

  • Are looking to enhance their understanding of transition readiness and value acceleration

  • Are seeking professional development

  • Video Lessons

    5 plus hours of video lessons by RFN's Senior Value Advisor Sean Hutchinson. Learn the mechanics of his approach to conversations with business owners about transition-readiness.

  • Knowledge

    Gain the confidence and knowledge to help business owners explore all of their transition options and make choices that are right for them and their business.

  • Resources and Tools

    Access to resources and tools to support your practice. Questions to ask, assessments and more.

Most business owners are unaware of all their transition options.

Help owners understand there are many options to consider, not just one or two.

Explore internal and external options and the potential of hybrid options.

Learn how each option works, why an owner would consider each option and what to watch for.

Learn what value acceleration means and the difference between value and price.

Help owners understands what investors look for in a business.

Course Outline

    1. Instructor Welcome

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. Navigating the Course

    1. Fundamentals of Transition Readiness Outline

    2. Fundamentals of transition readiness

    3. What does it mean to be transition ready?

    4. How transition ready are you?

    5. Transition Readiness Scorecard (downloadable)

    6. Three Legs of the Stool

    7. Three Legs of the Stool

    8. Life After Business

    9. Life After Business

    10. Life After Business Exercise

    11. Life After Business Self Guided Workbook

    12. The Pacman

    13. The Pacman

    14. Readiness Calculus

    15. Readiness Calculus

    16. Planning Competencies and Processes

    17. Planning Competencies and Processes

    18. Operational Excellence

    19. Operational Excellence

    20. Financial Efficiencies

    21. Financial Efficiencies

    22. Risk Management

    23. Risk Management

    24. Continuity of Operations, Team and Knowledge

    25. Continuity of Operations, Team and Knowledge

    26. How can an owner make their business less dependent on them?

    27. How can an owner make their business less dependent on them?

    28. Helping clients understand how owner dependent their business is

    29. How owner dependent is your business?

    30. Tools and Resources

    1. What are the transitions options available to business owners?

    2. Transition Options

    3. Transition Options Overview

    1. Internal Transition Options

    2. 1. Intergenerational Transfer

    3. Intergenerational Transfer

    4. Interview with a family business and organizational consultant

    5. Intergenerational Transfer

    6. 2. Management Buy-out

    7. Management Buy-out

    8. Management Buy-out

    9. 3. Partnership Transfers

    10. Partnership Transfer

    11. Partnership Transfer

    12. 4. Employee Ownership

    13. Employee Ownership

    14. Employee Ownership

    15. Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) - Valuation, Leaving and ESOP and Participant Rights

    16. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

    17. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

    18. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

    19. Internal Transition Options Quiz

    1. External Transition Options

    2. External Transition Options

    3. 5. Private Equity

    4. Private Equity

    5. Interview with a private equity partner

    6. Private Equity

    7. 6. Strategic Buyer

    8. Strategic Buyer

    9. Strategic Buyer

    10. 7. Recapitalization

    11. Recapitilization - Pros and Cons

    12. Recapitalization

    13. Recapitalization

    14. 8. Orderly Liquidation

    15. Orderly Liquidation

    16. Orderly Liquidation

    17. External Transition Options Quiz

    1. 9. Hybrid

    2. Hybrid

    3. Hybrid

About this course

  • $799.00
  • 97 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

RFN Contributor

Partner, Strategic Development and Partnerships (USA) Sean Hutchinson,


Over Sean Hutchinson’s 30 years in business, the most valuable lessons he has learned have been from business owners who generously shared their stories of success and struggle. Sean’s primary focus is strategy and growth. He helps owners and their leadership teams to imagine what being a ‘company of the future’ looks like for them, and then helps them achieve it.