Practitioner Training

Figure out what matters together. Make better decisions faster. Act together with grace and accountability.

To build a better foundation in Decision Dynamics we offer Practitioner Training in the form of live sessions which consists of individual preparation followed by two group sessions. 

These sessions will build on what you have learned in the Introduction to Decision Dynamics course.

You will build and practice the language for identifying, considering and making the decisions about "the things that matter together."  

A certified Instructor will facilitate the group sessions by applying meaningful applications.

Live Sessions

- Two 90 minute live virtual sessions led by a Certified Instructor.

- Maximum group sizes of 12 course participants.

- Peer-to-peer learning and sharing

Who should attend

Introduction to Decision Dynamics course participants - Add these live sessions to the course and become a Certified Practitioner.

If you want to continue to build your knowledge and enjoy learning from your peers through sharing stories and successful practices in expert-facilitated sessions.

Course Outline

Prerequisite: Introduction to Decision Dynamics

    1. Welcome

    2. So what?

    1. How it works

    2. Book your sessions

    3. Instructions for Zoom

    1. Putting it all in your context

    2. Session 1 Details

    3. Session 1

    1. Session 2 Details

    2. Session 2

    3. Intentions and commitment

    1. So What? What Now?

    2. Practical ideas

About this course

  • $299.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content


Senior Advisor Joe Slatter

Joe Slatter is the creator of the Better Practice methodology. Joe’s life work is the application of design thinking to how we work together. His mission is to help individuals, organizations and communities accelerate toward “better”; however they choose to define it.