Learn the fundamentals of transition readiness and value acceleration.

Help owners see the value of their business through the eyes of an investor and understand their basic transition options.

  • Video Lessons

    1.5 plus hours of video lessons by RFN's Senior Value Advisor Sean Hutchinson. Learn how he talks to business owners about transition-readiness and value acceleration.

  • Knowledge

    Gain confidence and knowledge to lead conversations with business owners and help them get transition-ready.

  • Resources and Tools

    Access to resources and tools to support your practice. Questions to ask, assessments and more.

Who should take this course:

  • Professional advisors who work with business owners

  • Advisors who lead or work on an owner's team of business succession planning professionals

Course Outline

    1. Instructor Welcome

    2. Course Outline

    3. How to navigate this course

    4. RFN Community

    1. Fundamentals of Transition Readiness Video

    2. What does it mean to be transition ready?

    3. Owner assessment - What is it and why use it?

    4. Owner assessment - How transition ready are you?

    5. How transition ready is your client?

    6. Three Legs of the Stool Video Lesson

    7. Three Legs of the Stool

    8. Life After Business Video

    9. Life After Business

    10. Life After Business Exercise

    11. The Pacman Video

    12. The Pacman

    13. Readiness Calculus Video

    14. Readiness Calculus

    15. Module 1 Quiz

    16. Tools and Resources

    1. Planning Competencies and Processes Video

    2. Planning Competencies and Processes

    3. Operational Excellence Video

    4. Operational Excellence

    5. Financial Efficiencies Video

    6. Financial Efficiencies

    7. Risk Management Video

    8. Risk Management

    9. Continuity of Operations, Team and Knowledge Video

    10. Continuity of Operations, Team and Knowledge

    11. Module 2 Quiz

    12. Tools and Resources

    1. What are the transitions options?

    2. Transition Options

    3. Internal Transition Options

    4. External Transition Options

    5. Hybrid Options

    6. Transition Options Overview

    1. What is Value Acceleration?

    2. What is Value Acceleration?

    3. Top Three Value Drivers

    4. Top Three Value Drivers

    5. ​The Top 3 Business Value Drivers - They May Surprise You

    6. Top Three Value Killers

    7. The Top Three Value Killers

    8. Value Drivers Exercise

    9. Difference Between Value and Price

    10. Difference Between Value and Price

    11. What Matters to Investors

    12. What Matters to Investors

    13. How do I make my business less dependent on me?

    14. Module 4 Quiz

    15. Tools and Resources

    1. What's Next?

    2. What's Next?

What 's included

  • $260.00
  • 55 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content


Partner, Strategic Development and Partnerships (USA) Sean Hutchinson,


Over Sean Hutchinson’s 30 years in business, the most valuable lessons he has learned have been from business owners who generously shared their stories of success and struggle. Sean’s primary focus is strategy and growth. He helps owners and their leadership teams to imagine what being a ‘company of the future’ looks like for them, and then helps them achieve it.